International collaboration

The Swiss collective rights management organisations are part of a large global network and also represent the rights of foreign artists.

Users – radio and television broadcasters for example – wanting to purchase rights for a particular utilisation, do not wish to do so solely for Swiss works, but for any work irrespective of geographical origin. The collective rights management organisations in the different countries have therefore given themselves the task of mutual representation of their members' rights. In this way they also are able to grant users the rights to foreign works, to some extent even the entire so-called “world repertoire”. 

Money flow to and from Switzerland

Because a considerable foreign repertoire is played and performed here, a significant proportion of the licence income flows from Switzerland via the foreign societies back to their members. Conversely, Swiss artists and publishers are also remunerated when their works are performed, broadcast or utilised in some other way abroad. The work of the collective rights management organisations thus always takes place in an international context.