Which society represents which rightholders?

Members of the following functions are a member of: ProLitteris SSA SUISA Suissimage SWISSPERFORM
Authors and publishers of literary works x            x   
Authors and publishers of dramatic works x            x   
Authors and publishers of musical drama works x            x   
Creators of works of visual art x           
Photographers x           
Composers/arrangers x    x      
Text authors/lyric translators x    x      
Text translators x           
Music publishers x      
Choreographers x   
Screenplay writers/ scriptwriters x            x    x             
Directors x    x             
Other film authors x             
Film producers x              x               
Phonographic producers x               
Performing artists AV (film actors) x               
Performing artists, phonographic (musicians) x               
Broadcasters x               

Source: www.swisscopyright.ch, 2011

Ph!l!pp Schweidler

"SWISSPERFORM ensures that performing artists are fairly and equitably remunerated for their work. Given today's tight production budgets, its contribution to Switzerland's musical creation is essential."