Tariff overview

The list covers remuneration areas subject to federal supervision.

Tariff name Content Managed by
Common Tariff 1 Remuneration for the distribution of copyright works and services in cable networks SUISSIMAGE
Common Tariff 2b Remuneration for the retransmission of copyright works and services via IP-based networks on mobile devices and PC monitors SUISSIMAGE
Common Tariff 3a Reception of broadcasts for background entertainment SUISA
Common Tariff 3a (supplemental tariff) Hotel rooms SUISA
Common Tariff 3b Background entertainment in vehicles SUISA
Common Tariff 3c Reception of television broadcasts on giant screens ("public viewing") SUISA
Common Tariff 4 Blank tape levy SUISA
Common Tariff 4i Remuneration on built-in digital storage media SUISA
Common Tariff 5 Rental of copies of works ProLitteris
Common Tariff 7 Use in schools ProLitteris
Common Tariff 8 I Formular "Erklärung kein Kopierer“ ProLitteris
Common Tariff 8 II Reprography in public administrations ProLitteris
Common Tariff 8 IV Reprography in reprographics businesses and copy shops ProLitteris
Common Tariff 8 VII Reprography in the industrial, processing and services sectors ProLitteris
Common Tariff 10 Use of works and services by disabled persons ProLitteris
Common Tariff 11 Archive recordings from broadcasting companies ProLitteris
Common Tariff 12 Remuneration for granting the right to use set-top boxes with built-in memory and vPVR SUISSIMAGE
Common Tariff 13 Use of orphan rights ProLitteris
Common Tariff 14 Video on Demand SSA
SWISSPERFORM Tariff A Radio Use of commercially available sound recordings by Swiss Radio and Television (SRG) for radio broadcasting purposes SWISSPERFORM
SWISSPERFORM Tariff A Television Use of commercially available sound and audiovisual recordings by Swiss Radio and Television (SRG) for television broadcasting purposes SWISSPERFORM
SUISA Tariff A SRG SSR idée suisse broadcasts SUISA
SUISA Tariff B Orchestras and music associations SUISA
Common Tariff C Churches and other religious communities SUISA
SUISA Tariff D Concert societies SUISA
Common Tariff E Film screenings SUISA
Common Tariff H Music performances for dancing and entertainment in hotels and restaurants SUISA
Common Tariff HV Hotel videos SUISA
Common Tariff Hb Music performances for dancing and entertainment SUISA
Common Tariff K Concerts, concert-like performances, shows, ballet, theatre SUISA
Common Tariff L Tuition in dance, gymnastics and ballet SUISA
Common Tariff Ma Juke boxes SUISA
SUISA Tariff PA Manufacture of music boxes (music movements) SUISA
SUISA Tariff PI Sound recordings and music videos intended for the public (excluding juke boxes) SUISA
SUISA Tariff PN Sound recordings not intended for public distribution SUISA
Common Tariff S Broadcasters SUISA
SUISA Tariff VN Recording music on audiovisual carriers not intended for public distribution (advertising) SUISA
Common Tariff Y Radio and television subscriptions SUISA
Common Tariff Z Circus SUISA

Philippe Saire

"The SSA takes great care in analysing the author's creative process and often anticipates the needs that may arise when an author asserts his rights."