Collective management of authors’ rights and neighbouring rights

The collective rights management organisations act as the interface between artists and users. They do this as a statutory duty and in the interest of both parties. The users are thereby granted a licence to use the work for an agreed tariff. In return, the performers and authors receive remuneration for the use of their works.

The collective rights management organisations look after those usage rights assigned to them for collective management on behalf of both Swiss and foreign rightholders. The collective rights management organisations negotiate licensing tariffs with the users based on market studies. These tariffs are the basis for the collection of monies. The monies received are distributed among the rightholders by the collective rights management organisations. This takes place on the basis of distribution regulations approved by the rightholders that ensure an easily understandable distribution according to work.

A comprehensive network of reciprocity contracts with affiliated foreign societies results in an exchange of rights and remunerations.

The collective rights management organisations are non-profit organisations, most of which are structured in the form of a cooperative.

Ph!l!pp Schweidler

"SWISSPERFORM ensures that performing artists are fairly and equitably remunerated for their work. Given today's tight production budgets, its contribution to Switzerland's musical creation is essential."