Multiple beneficiaries under Joint Tariff 1 (JT 1)

Cable networks carry copyright works and services looked after by all collective rights management organisations. For this reason, their remuneration is governed by a joint tariff. All five collective rights management organisations are involved in the JT 1 and all distribute monies to their rightholders. Collecting monies from the cable networks is dealt with by SUISSIMAGE. In return, SUISSIMAGE retains 2% for its work. The net distribution amount is allocated as follows:

  •  ProLitteris 7.03%
  •  SSA 3.28%
  •  SUISA 17.25%
  •  SUISSIMAGE 47.44%

Each society then covers its own distribution costs from the distribution amount and deducts a proportion for culture and welfare funds. The monies are then distributed among the entitled members.

Ph!l!pp Schweidler

"SWISSPERFORM ensures that performing artists are fairly and equitably remunerated for their work. Given today's tight production budgets, its contribution to Switzerland's musical creation is essential."