Example image reproduction

A producer of art prints sells a poster featuring a copyright work of visual art from the ProLitteris repertoire for CHF 30.–. The print run is 500 copies. 

Authors’ rights royalties = 12% of the
retail sales price x number of copies
CHF 15'000 (CHF 30 x 500) x 12% (Payment to ProLitteris)

Calculation of the distribution amount for the author (in accordance with the distribution regulations)

Deduction for administrative costs 10% CHF
Deduction for culture and social welfare (ProLitteris Welfare
Foundation, ProLitteris Cultural Foundation) 10%
Total distribution amount to the rightful artist CHF

Ph!l!pp Schweidler

"SWISSPERFORM ensures that performing artists are fairly and equitably remunerated for their work. Given today's tight production budgets, its contribution to Switzerland's musical creation is essential."