Example image reproduction

A producer of art prints sells a poster featuring a copyright work of visual art from the ProLitteris repertoire for CHF 30.–. The print run is 500 copies. 

Authors’ rights royalties = 12% of the
retail sales price x number of copies
CHF 15'000 (CHF 30 x 500) x 12% (Payment to ProLitteris)

Calculation of the distribution amount for the author (in accordance with the distribution regulations)

Deduction for administrative costs 10% CHF
Deduction for culture and social welfare (ProLitteris Welfare
Foundation, ProLitteris Cultural Foundation) 10%
Total distribution amount to the rightful artist CHF

Adrian Frutiger

"If it weren't for SUISA, I wouldn't be able to do what I love doing. Producers do not generally pay much for the music. So rights management accounts for a large portion of my income."