In 2016, the Swiss copyright collecting societies contributed over CHF 25 million to cultural and social purposes. The following examples illustrate the wide range of projects supported with their grants and subsidies. 

ProLitteris: CHF 3.2mn

In 2014, the ProLitteris Welfare Foundation allocated CHF 2.2mn to pension benefits and nearly CHF 176,000 to financial assistance and support.

Last year, the Cultural Fund awarded the ProLitteris Prize to literature for the first time. Moreover, apart from the Solothurn Literature Week, several other cultural events in the literary and visual arts fields were granted financial support. 

SSA: CHF 1,873mn

The Cultural Fund was endowed with CHF 1.217,360 in 2016. A range of prizes, competitions and grants were awarded to all branches of the audio-visual and theatrical industry.

In 2016, the SSA Welfare Fund (pension fund) was granted an allocation of CHF 646,137, and the Solidarity Fund awarded emergency financial support in cases of hardship.

SUISA: CHF 10.1mn 

The SUISA Foundation (Cultural Fund) supports musical projects of Swiss authors in Switzerland and abroad and awards several prizes: for the best film music, Jazz Prize for exceptional artistic performance  or the Foundation Prize endowed with CHF 20,000 to a different branch of music each year.

The Welfare Foundation for authors and publishers (pension fund) paid CHF 8mn in pensions to members.


In 2016, the Culture Fund supported 47 film productions with an automatic contribution and 20 additional projects in the framework of its promotional activities. It also allocated significant amounts to the television production fund and to the FilmPlus Foundation in the Ticino. Prizes were awarded at various festivals and other grants were given on a case-by-case basis. 

In 2016, the Solidarity Fund paid CHF 899,780 in pensions and transferred CHF 390,303 to pension plans of production company employees. A further CHF 124,000 was paid by way of financial support in individual cases of hardship.


In 2016, SWISSPERFORM allocated CHF 4,6mn to cultural purposes and CHF 530,000 to social purposes. The funds were distributed through various cultural foundations (Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS, Stiftung Phonoproduzierende, Stiftung für Radio und Kultur Schweiz and Schweizerische Kulturstiftung für Audiovision). The institutions entrusted with the distribution of social and pension benefits are:

Schweizerische Interpretengesellschaft SIG, Suisseculture Sociale, Stiftung Artes et Comoedia, Vorsorgestiftung CAST and Vorsorgestiftung Film und Audiovision VFA.

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