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As self-help organisations established under private law, we make it our task to ensure that all artists – from amateurs to world stars – are fairly remunerated for the use of their works. The basis for this is provided by the tariffs that we negotiate with industry, the scientific community and broadcasters. On the strength of these, we collect the payments and distribute them among the rightholders in Switzerland and abroad.

Our tasks, rights and duties are set out in detail in the Federal Copyright Law and in international agreements. We are supervised by the Federal Government. The members of our cooperatives and associations, that is to say the artists themselves, have the final say in the management.


Session letter December 2019

Swisscopyright, the umbrella organisation of the five collecting societies in Switzerland, presents the session letter December 2019 with short articles about the copyright (the letter is available in German and French). 

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Parliament passed the revised Copyright Act in its final vote on 27 September 2019. Now, after nine years’ work, it finally comes into effect. Swisscopyright is glad that the law reflects the compromise of the copyright working group (AGUR 12). The revised Copyright Act means that authors,...

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